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To be a better patriot? Smarter business Man? Exceptionally more versed in the art of maneuvering amongst cucks. The Anatomy of Cultural Marxism and Why it Always Leads to Aggression and Divisiveness We all see there is an abnormal amount of tension in today’s political discourse. Also, many see deep, inherent problems in the progressive’s worldview, also known as cultural Marxism. It’s important to understand the inherent problems in many of the policies that the progressives advocate today and why these policies automatically lead to increased levels of antagonism. Economic Marxism, as practiced. Mirza Tahir Ahmad wrote a 700-page tome (799 pages in this version (, which for a time was popular for Ahmadis to point to when they wanted to reassure themselves that theirs was an intellectually sound movement. I don't know how many people actually read it, but it was comforting to have bought this and to have on the bookshelf, in the same way that people buy War and Peace to hopefully read some day. To be more accurate Over the past decade or so, the term “gender gap” has taken on a new and heretofore unimaginable usage. Instead of signaling pay gaps or gender differentials in voting patterns, “gender gap” now seems to be shorthand for male decline and weakness in domains as varied as education (, employment ( and health (https://www.healt. Over the past decade or so, the term “gender gap” has taken on a new and heretofore unimaginable usage. Instead of signaling pay gaps or gender differentials in voting patterns, “gender gap” now seems to be shorthand for male decline and weakness in domains as varied as education (, employment ( and health ( #White House chief strategist: Steve Bannon (CEO of Breitbart News) He was arrested for three counts of domestic violence in the 90s. ( The charges were dropped after him and his attorney threatened his ex-wife into fleeing the state. ( He choked. More (White) Guys Opting Out (not new to black men) Dr. Helen Smith Compilation. On A Marriage Strike ? ( (Black men have always been on strike, white guys are getting smarter to the Lefty scam, more on that below.) Forbes looks at her book Men On Strike ( Going Galt ( A collection of a little bit of every genre I could find, mostly by more well-known authors/works. Some ebooks/scanned items have errors or incorrect text in their initial versions. I recommend SumatraPDF ( to view any pdf/epub/whatever on your computer, and Calibre ( to manage ebooks on your preferred e-reader device, both free and open-source programs. You can also sign up for's Guns in schools. (just fyi) Not trying to get into politics but reading the proposal seems odd. House Bill 2789 Bold emphasis mine: gtNo insurance company shall charge unfair discriminatory premiums, policy fees or rates for, or refuse to provide, any policy or contract of real or personal property insurance, liability insurance or policy containing liability coverage for any unified school district solely because such school district authorizes employees of such school district to carry. This post has its roots in a post from /r/booklists which linked to a blog post about the "Top 10 Top 100 Book Lists" ( This post linked to 10+ "Top 100" book lists from sources such as TIME magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Modern Library, etc. They were all in such different formats, and such different ways of being presented that I wanted to amalgamate all of these into one master "list" in order to compare them (thirteen lists. I've seen people saying for people to look at my submission history. I've submitted a lot of posts, so I thought I'd put this up instead. I've not included any Official, Meta, or Event posts. Get Comfy NOTE - If you have gotten any use from my mad ramblings, a buck would really help me out! (! --- # City Building/Discussion This is a collection of posts pulled from the main list, below. Skip down for the entire listing. ## Construction. FICTION RECOMENDATIONS: "Harrison Bergeron" ( - Kurt Vonnegut Atlas Shrugged ( - Ayn Rand Nineteen Eighty-Four ( - George Orwell Animal Farm ( - George Orwell NON- FICTION RECOMENDATIONS: Willful Blindness ( At least once a week, somebody posts the following question: "Hey Seddit, what are some good books/videos about inner game/body language/pickup/etc?" Post after post, the same few resources tend to get the highest recommendations. Given the regularity of both the question and the answers, I figured it's about time someone compiled a list of the best (non-Reddit) resources for an aspiring Sedditor. This is my attempt to do just that. I've searched through many of the "what do you recommend?". Snapshots: 1. This Post - 1 ( 2 ( 3 ( 2. He was arrested for three counts of. - 1 ( I'll be away from my normal activities this summer. While I'm on the run I would like to have some good free market books with me. I have not read most of the formal stuff out there but here are some of my criteria for books I'm looking for: Relevant reading that is on the topic of free market Popular or at least important in the eyes of people who know stuff Free Can be obtained in an electronic mobile /u/HobbesianMeliorist and I have been discussing utopias under the thread on The Stubborn Persistence of Post-Capitalist Utopia ( but assuming our discussion ever was about the article, I feel the discussion has now outgrown that thread. First, I want to make it clear that this subreddit is for the discussion on the concept of utopia, utopian and dystopian literature, the history of utopian. I was sitting in my school library the other day eating lunch when I looked up from my laptop(I was reading the pdf of my Comp. Sci. text book), and all of a sudden a book caught my eye. It was Atlas Shrugged, so being the type of person I am I started thinking well if it's here should I just go grab it, or should I find out more about it before committing myself. So, opinions is it a worthy read, or just wasted time? It also doesn't help right now my time is very tight so it would probably. A couple of months ago, I asked /r/Libertarian ( if it was worth my time to read anything by Ayn Rand. I appreciate everyone's input and am actually several chapters into Atlas Shrugged now. However, I was contacted shortly thereafter by an anonymous Randian who left a very bitter taste in my mouth. She contacted me with a brand new account and then deleted it immediately afterward. Randian. This is roughly ordered by the amount of upvotes each suggestion got. The Stranger seems far and away the most recommended, and was mentioned every time the subject came up. Then come the books with 10-20 votes, then 5-10, then just a few, then none. I didn't include suggestions which were downvoted into the negatives. The Stranger ( - Albert Camus Fight Club ( - Chuck Palahniuk Candi. Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet) Date: 2014-02-05 Link to submission ( ( Has self-text ) Questions Answers :-- :-- What would happen if we began trading with Cuba again? ( They'd quickly get a lot richer, and we'd get some very nice vacations. In the longer run, the chance that Communism in Cuba would colla. poster: Lucifer4Wisdom (/u/Lucifer4Wisdom) , original conspiracy link (/r/conspiracy/comments/28f8mn/characters_of_conspiracy_series_dr_leonard/) ----------------------------------- This is the first in what I hope to be a series of character studies I will pen that goes in depth to research some of the more. compelling. characters in the world of conspiracy theory. I hope you enjoy, I hope you're ears perk up, and I hope you have as much fun as I have had really examining From gtNo one would accuse Rand of being a competent historian or leader of a school of historiography. Unfortunately, she does convey an implicit interpretation of history which lingers in many of those deserting Objectivism for Libertarianism. In her view, similar to the Consensus school but inverted in moral judgment, peaceful productive capitalists gtwere engaged in making everyone well off in the Nineteenth Century, when along came these. Role Films Atlas Shrugged: Part I (2011) Atlas Shrugged: Part II (2012) Atlas Shrugged: Part III (2014) Director Paul Johansson: John Putch: J. James Manera. Atlas Shrugged Part III: Who Is John Galt? is a 2014 American science fiction drama film based on Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged. It is the third installment Атлант расправил плечи; Atlas Shrugged: Обложка первого издания книги: Жанр: Роман-антиутопия. Rob Morrow ( 21. September 1962 in New Rochelle, New York als Robert Alan Morrow) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler und Regisseur. Leben.