Running lean pdf

6m Part 1 & 3 Part 2 A: Running exercise B: Jog back A A B B The course is made up of 6 pairs of parallel cones, approx. 5-6m apart. Two players start at the same time from the first pair of cones. Open this page to download a full range of free to use 5S training presentations in PowerPoint pptx and PDF formats. 2 Parts List (1) DLE-35RA Gas Engine with DLE Carburetor (1) CM6 Spark Plug with Spare Ignition Wire Spring (1) Muffl er w/Gasket (2) 5x15mm SHCS with 5mm Lock Washers (muffl er mounting). 3 For your safety and the safety of others, please do not stand in front or in line with the propeller when the engine is running. Keep onlookers away from the running engine, especially small children. 2 Poka-Yoke Training Objectives Gain a basic understanding of Poka-Yoke procedures and how they fit into the Lean process improvement culture.